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Originally Posted by HAN88
why change it, the mans lost it. if he changes his name i will not buy his album. dmx is dmx, not spritual reasons. come on wtf!!
Spoken like a true fan ... ...

Personally, I really don't care what he changes his name to, if he continues to put the same amount of heart into his music as he's done in the past he'll have my support. As far as the crack smoking and law breaking goes, the man lives in a world of sin and is still wrapped in flesh so it's not so unfathomable that he would do so. Shit, we all make mistakes, I know I do. What matters is that he recognizes and learns from his mistakes, and ultimately makes an honest attempt do something about them.

The fact that he is even considering change and seeking a higher level of spirituality is admirable, at least ... in my opinion anyway ...

Like the saying goes ... change is good ... .


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