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where in new york you runnin around can only name dudes who are doing big on the mixtape circut, and thats what mixtape rappers do, just spit shit off the top gully ass gangster shit. the reason nobody is getting signed is cause a lot of dudes dont give a fuck. you have no idea how many hood legends there are that will merk your favorite MC but just dont give a fuck about the rap shit they just do it cause its the thing to do fuck the industry hood money is all they need. it's like saying every southernrapper is a crunk rapper, every westcoast rapper is a just makes no sense youre making generalizations cause you have a hate towords new york.

"ive been to NY and i am up on Ny music and almost everybody is a punchline rapper talking about how they put bullets in someone's head or how they had sex with the other person's girl or stupid stuff like that."

see man thats your problem and the rest of this board. yall dont get this rap shit, thats why you faggots go out and buy lupe fiascos new album cause hes rapping about pushing a skateboard. i dont give a fuck what you're rapping about, it's how you say it not what you're saying that is impressive. thats lyricism and you don't seem to understand that. content is completley irelivent. but hey i'm sure when you were in new york you didn't open up your mouth or come in contact with any MCs anyway so why waste my time.

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