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Default Nappy Roots : Why So Slept On?

I've been listening to these guys since they came out, and I can't tell why noone ever mentions them. In my opinion.. they were/are one of the best rap groups to come out in years. They don't talk about the same bullshit every song and they remind me a lot of a more southern Outkast (yeah I know they are from Atlanta but they always reminded me of more G-Funk then the Goodie Mob type southern rap..).
There's certain tricks of the trade to try and hault your defeat//Like taking tupperware to an "all you can eat"//Returning used shit for new saying you lost your receipt//And writing four figure checks when your accounts deplete//Then all your problems pile up about a mile up//Thinkin about a partner you can dial up to help you out this foul stuff//Whole family sleepin on a futon while you're clippin coupons//Eatin salad tryin to get full off the croutons
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