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Originally Posted by Bone Collecta
yo stupid i just dont listen to lyrical shit i listen to club shit. dont stereotype me. i am one of the most diverse listeners on this board. ill give almost anything a chance. so dont pull that BS wit me
this faggot loves the word stupid he's used it in evey 1 of his posts in this thread

"i use the stupid cuz it's need" that bullshit and just shut the fuck up

dumbfuck i can name waaaaaaaay worse rappers from the south alotta ny catz may talk about "gangsta shit" but it's the same with the south and there "crunk shit"

3 6 mafia
dem franchise boys

all have no lyrical talent.......

now altho ny cats might be on sum shoot you up shit atleast they got lyrics and besides thats on mixtapes not the radio dumfuck

you forgettin about people like Nas from NY who may not be young but still gets radio play

your argument is shit

in the words of pussywithteeth

New york>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the whole south region (with a few exeptions)

and no i'm not hatin just tryna prove a point
I got styles sick as hell, sicker than sickle cell anemia, slaughter your circulatory like lukemia

- AZ

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