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Originally Posted by zeppelin2k
marketers are the ones who decide what will be popular

a million people are not going to wake up and just KNOW GZA they need to be exposed to him and marketing is what gets artists exposed, plain and simple, the people in suits who want to take your money ruined hiphop, rza and wu tang understood this, thats why they came up with the WU DEAL where they all got their own solo albums on different labels even though they were signed as a GROUP under one label

the only way things will change right now, especially bc of the monopoly of advertising, is if all the underground artists who are dope came together under one roof or major corp with something rawkusish and the audience all supported the artists, that way a movement would start and the marketers would not be able to ignore the fact that they would be missing out on $$$$$$, on top of it all the artists would make more $$ running their own organized shit, but nowadays most artists would never get that organized or want to get that organized and its a mixture of ego and ignorance on their part, and labels can offer big deals up front which turns artists away from creating something that would benefit them in the long run, instead they just aim to get signed

marketing= hiphop being raped and pillaged
sorry but there is no way that marketers are creating the trends in culture.

Their very nature is to capitalize on what is proven effective. That's why they conduct a million surveys, have focus groups, advanced screenings, etc. If they could just magically decide what's "in" or "out" they wouldn't need any of that. The truth is that after all of their calculations and statistics, they don't know what the fuck is happening or what will happen.

Hip-Hop from the beginning has been partly about getting paid. In the mid to late 90's it finally grew to a point where it was a global industry, and people could actually get rich off of it. You can't blame the record companies, contracts are signed after all.
The blame really lands on the rappers who are rapping to make money, instead of for the love of it. It sounds corny I know, but rappers have started to use Hip-Hop as a means to an end, namely getting money, and are putting no thought whatsoever into their craft.
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