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Originally Posted by snapple
no, thats not what i'm saying at all don't put words in my mouth dickrider take it easy....their faith has nothing to do with it...they're MARKETING themselves as a CHRISTAN RAP GROUP, thats their gimmick right there. rappers who are christan. does AZ and big daddy kane and shit call their shit MUSLIM RAP MUSIC? stop preaching like you have any idea what the fuck you are talking about, cause you're getting played and can't see the truth.
Dickrider? Played? Can't see the truth? Muslim rap shit? Marketing what?
I hurt your feelings or something bro'?
A marketing title & a gimmick, in my humble oppinion are 2 seperate things, I see where you are coming from, but as you wanna act like my pa & presume to know a dude, I thinks you need to chill.

But yeah, checked some more tracks up in here, & people got some ill beats & content.

''.......Unknowingly imprisoned, in uniforms crafted precision, 1 dub Gov' for short, master planned in covert courts, project poor, prepare for wipeout, ironically wiped out & carked in cauc white outs, the fights out, Phoenix flames to pour the light out, the sun will eventually burn out, A giant urn, with pearled gates, waiting to break, How long can it take? Our destruction is fate.......''
( Con[S]cience ) 2005...
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