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Prince Rai
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Originally Posted by benzo
Tarver stars in the sixth Rocky movie, due out in December in the US, as the opponent in Rocky Balboa's latest ring return. "The sky is the limit with that," he said. "But it's kind of sad I have to go out of boxing to another arena to get the popularity and love."

HAHAHA!!! Does this dude ever stop jerking himself off? Damn, Nard needs to step up and break his jaw. Tarver is a jooooooke, man. Peace Prince...
lol i know.

i watchd a clip of tarver and hopkins being interviewed, not in the same place, and tarver was all complaining how he isnt portrayed in the fight posters properly etc etc, he cries a lot i must admit..

serioulsy the fight will put a lot of things into perspective for both fighters.
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