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I blame the people behind all the hip-hop related deaths. B.I.G, Tupac, Big L, Jam Master Jay, and all the others that I haven't listed. R.I.P. and it's damn shame. I remember after the mid-90's when all that shit went on and we approached the new millenium hip-hop started going downhill.

Now i'm not one of those emo niggas that cry about how hip-hop is completely dead. Yeah it ain't quite what it used to be but there's still plenty of albums coming out constantly that I still enjoy and artists I like listening to. It's just that if you want some dope hip-hop music you gotta look around a bit harder than 10-12 years ago.

"We don't need no diamond rings
All we need is a drum like
Fuck it, he can rhyme, I'll sing"
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