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Jesus Christ grasshopper

Classic what's really going on dawg? that verse was just to confess to me/
the only reason you keep coming back here is becuase your obessed with me/
so impressed with me-you research my posts then boast how slippy drops whack shit/
but how you gonna challange me for a third battle and still claim I get my ass kicked?/
see homey I battle anyone and still I got rhymes to speek-
ask vernakular, spoken and the dishonorable don- who did you battle within the last week?
really though it ain't no thang for me to pimp slap a silly hoe/
or another hilly billy from mount olympus yo/
What the dilly yo, you stay up all night just to bust a rhyme?/
I'll shit on you, piss on you, and leave you in a musty grime/
Trust i'm fine- I only talk shit to make you upset/
then I laugh when I read your posts- kid this only the net/
get your facts straight the pimp don't hate he only shits on bitches/
Claim my punches don't hit but then you count your stitches/
which is funny to me how you gonna hyper link the second opinion/
when the votes were 9 to 2 proves who's really winnin'/
ok I lied, let's subtract your vote and mine/
that leaves it 9 to 0 you still feeling fine?/
I'll leave this bitch in slime and I ain't even comming a wee hard/
why you always putting your rhymes in caps? the voters aren't retards/
see kid there's a lot of shit I can say but I choose not/
but you seem to try and cover every angle like your good at licking cock/
It's all right though I'll cease with gay stuff/
how you gonna claim your from Mount olympus when Broke backs on the way buff/
ok I'm sorry- I forced that line/
but hey why should I apologize- you do it all the time/
it's all good though I ain't even trying to win/
I just wanted to knock a few more teeth from shit eating grin/
and expose your ego a little more/
I might be concieted- but you the one that get's fucked like a whore........
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