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Well I just listen to the whole album, I'm feeling the creativity and im extreamly glad for Cee-Lo to be in the spot light again, however the songs I really liked were Online and Feng Shui. I mean most of the whole album I liked, but the only ones I REALLY REALLY thought were super ill was Online and Feng Shui.

BTW, if Gnarls Barkley is a group then MTV needs to stop calling Gnarls Barkley and artist and call them a group. You feel me? On the real, they need to stop talking about them in singular and keep it on the plural tip, know what I mean?

Now watch what happens to a bunch of dickriding suburban assholes who hated on Cee-Lo when I showed them Cee-Lo on my ipod. They'll jump on this Gnarls Barkley shit just because its hot currently.
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