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Prince Rai
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Originally Posted by benzo
^i wasn't suggesting you weren't up on these cats, it's just that every fan like yourself deserves to see their first war. you caught Morales/Barrera 1 and 2, right? that's the kinda action i'm talkin, only better. i'm pissed as hell that Castillo once again fucked off his golden opporotunity tonight. absolutely no excuse to do that to the fans who paid mad cash to fly out there, etc. he should be ashamed and i'm no longer a fan of his at all. and here i was trying to hype ya'll for this fight... dayyumm. fuck it, when the Mavs wax off the Suns tonight all will be well again lol. Peace B-Hops
dats true brav!!

second timeee missing weight is shameful and shows no discipline.
i kinda sympathise with corales and would hope that he can in the future find an opponent who will stick to the conditions of the fight.
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