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Originally Posted by Os3y3ris
Aqua, of course you need to sleep to understand this. I'm dealing with altered states of consciouness and their implications. If you've not experienced them, then no, you can't relate. You put that out there in a confrantational manner, but frankly, thats on you. Its your job to do the introspection to understand your own psychology and what your mind is capable of.

In terms of the issue's importance, you can walk away from everything. No one will pursue. No one is requiring you to live in this society or any other, so I wouldn't concern myself with who did what and who's causing this or that. There is however, one that I can't walk away from, myself. Understanding should begin and end with knowledge of one's own inner workings.

I already know who and what causes all illusions. Do you? come in my threads in a confrontational manner so I'm just returning the favor.

If you don't agree with what I have to say then ...who cares?

But, when you come and hate on me like a fuckin 12 year old then you will be dealt with like a 12 year old.

I've experinced altered states but, I know the cause of them.

You are in here asking these crackas to explain to you your own mentality. That is backwards, stupid, and fuckin retarded.

Get a grip, and learn the difference between a dream and reality then you can present yourself as a grown man in front of your open enemy.
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