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Quote: come in my threads in a confrontational manner so I'm just returning the favor.
Very adult of you.

If you don't agree with what I have to say then ...who cares?
I do, because the ignorance you spread has been known to get people killed.

But, when you come and hate on me like a fuckin 12 year old then you will be dealt with like a 12 year old.
I don't hate on you. I don't even KNOW you. I simply disagree with you most of the time and express that. If you say something I agree with, you'll get your credit. I don't get down with that tit for tat shit that you seem to think will bother me.

I've experinced altered states but, I know the cause of them.
You keep saying this as if its someone other than yourself. Interesting.

You are in here asking these crackas to explain to you your own mentality.
I don't recall asking anyone to explain anything to me. I'm posing a question so that anyone who reads it can marinate on the same shit I do, not so they can come tell me what I need to know.

Get a grip, and learn the difference between a dream and reality
I know the difference. You see, I'm no crackpot trying to blast off to dimension x. I'm simply exploring the nature of my mental makeup and how it affects me in my daily life.

then you can present yourself as a grown man in front of your open enemy.
This is amusing to me. First of all, I have no enemies. To declare someone an enemy is to lock them down into one category, as if the conflict is more than an issue of circumstance. Whether or not it can be resolved peacefully, I try not to place a personal and permenant investment in the situation.

Second, my ability to present myself before my "enemies" has nothing to do with this thread. This is merely philosophy. As disarming as this is, and as unconfrantational as I may seem, it doesn't define me. You have NO idea what else I study.
And what shall we toast?

Madness! Combustion! Liberty and the end of all law! The invisible international! The toast is anarchy!
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