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this is -unfortunately- a perfect example of what i mentioned above

these type of altercations
differing points of view

what does it mean when another person broadcasts what appear to be harsh words?

is it ideas clashing?
or is it people clashing?

is it intelligence trying to define itself?

is it a demonstration of people becoming what they hate most?
is it a demonstration of people manifesting forces of nature?

is it a demonstration of boredom and nothing better to do?

there are many perspectives to look at it from
it is good to be aware of the different points of view

in terms of coming to agreement
if we agree that we are on planet earth in the year 2006
i am sure we can all agree that suffering exists here
and that as long as it exists there is an imminent threat to our physical bodies and an increasing threat to all physical bodies here

as far as we know - these bodies are the only things on this planet capable of holding divine intelligence

whether this is 'real' or 'dream'
it does not matter

the threat is real and needs to be identified in its many forms

exploring the nature of reality can help a person develop new approaches to the situation
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