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Os3y3ris, I'm glad you posted this,
While I can't say "yes" or "no" to your direct question about our destinies and wether we follow a scripted course, or wether we make it up as we go along, I think it depends on what you believe.
My theory on fate is, once presented with a choice to do something, wether you do it or not, and the intentions you have behind doing it especially, will determine it's effect on your life.

Dreams in general are very real occurances. All it is, is involuntary Astral Projection. Your soul travels through space and time. The time stage that you're in while sleeping is actually true time. When you wake, you're slowing back down to deal with the time in this realm. To prove my point, notice how sluggish you are when waking. Then, to really prove my point, put on one of your favorite songs, and notice how much faster the beat is going. This will only work when you first wake, then you'll see that if you wait about 30 minutes to an hour, and turn the song back on, it's going t it's "normal" pace. That's because your soul is reaquainted with the speed of your current state.

To get a better sense of myself, I actually got into Chakra Balancing, which requires meditation. Dreams are easily affected by what you experience while you're awake. Since it's suggested that you go to a place in your mind where you feel at peace while meditating, I placed myself on top of Mother Earth, with the Sun to my right, and the Moon to my left. With the help of some appropriately spacey music, (Spacemonkeyz vs. Gorillaz: Lakia Come Home.), I stayed in this trance for about half an hour, then I was off to bed.

My dream starts....
I'm running through a forest trying to outrun 2 characters that scared me a great deal when I was a child, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. Only, this time, I'm running backwards watching them chase me, and I'm laughing at them. Then....I took off. Before I knew it, I was in space looking down at Mother Earth.
When I woke I thought, "Damn, that was sexy." I also believed that if you honestly have tunnel vision in whatever you want to accomplish, you have no choice but to succeed at it. It's inevitable.

Dreams are very real occurances. The only reason people call it a "hallucination" is because they can't see, hear, or feel what you are at the time. Anyone who has smoked marijuana before will know this. Now, although I quit, while I was smoking, I decided to see what effect marijauna had on a person's Chakras. This was when it got VERY interesting. It turns out that not only does weed open up 2 of your chakras, it open up 2 of the most important ones....WIDE. The 6th (third eye chakra, just above the eyebrows.) and the 7th (top of the head). Now, the 3rd eye chakra connects you to every living thing around you. The 7th connects you to the great beyond. Ever notice that some people get really philisophical, or draw the greatest pictures, or make the tightest beats when their high? There's your reason. Most call those people "hallucinating" when they see, hear or feel something that most other people don't. This is not so. They're experiencing a level of consciousness that's very suttle and completely different from the one we normally experience. Nothing happens by accident. If it were useless, we wouldn't know about it, because it wouldn't exist.

For you Os3y, I recommend you learn about the chakras and meditation as well. You seem to understand enough about the outer limits already, this should help you considerably methinks.

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