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Default Re: Male Multiple Orgasms - FACT OR FICTION

Originally Posted by Big Bad Man

Lmfao. Listen to this peoples coz Ima teach u about the magic button. I can have up to about 5 orgasms then I have to fight it. Lying? Am I fuck. This porno chick who I happened to get nasty with 1 night showed me how to do it.

When u feel the super sperm coming up, u tighten ur pelvic muscles n all that shit that you know already keeps it down. But when u gettin nasty ruff n tuff it can be hard. So what u do is tighten, then find the magic button where the spunk comes up fae. Its between ur sack and asshole. U have to hit it right before you blast. Too late n its goodnight. Too early its gonna come back up too fast next time.

And as soon as u tighten up u press that shit down hard which sends the milk back to where it came fae.

Trick is though, keep a tiny bit there n keep tensing. The big man will make his dance moves without spittin venom. (I refer to mine as the allaconda coz my 1st name, my sambastyle postion n his predatorial instincts hahaha.)


When the big man comes to a standstill you will still have enough juice back on reserve to stay healthy for quite some time. The more you do this and the less testicular fortitude you have you can go even longer before the next bus-stop arrives haha. However, let out too much n you gonna go soft like a g-unit tune. It all happens in the baws so if u feel em going mad soft you best be careful incase you run outta ammo.

Most times I came in 1 session was 6, the 6th being a rollercoaster where I was practically puttin every bit of mind power into it else I woulda lost about 20lbs of sweat. Hahaha. Shit was brutal. The more your mind receptors get used to it the easier it becomes also to keep it down without hittin the button. Sometimes on a good day I can be an impotent man with a hard on haha. But eventually you have to blast her right the face just to prove you got milk kinda hing.

If you think wit I said is bullshit, then try it next time you bangin some bitch. Thank me later. Im sayin no more secrets. Reason im tellin yall is coz women are evil and have the advantage of multiples hence there aint as much pressure as us in the bed. But when you can have equal or better powers than the female in that department the effects are brutal! hahaha.

PS - If you know your gonna go into action 1 night prepare well. Kick fuck outta yer manpiece all day n give it about 2 hours rest before the "fight" starts. Gives yer body shitloads of time for the testo levels to come back up to normal. Eat lotta carbs for energy. Mints also deplete da milk storage addin to yer stamina but I find it boring unless I finish off by blastin that shit in her face before doing a runner hahaha.

N naw, I dont wank. Cant jizz to myself no more.
All you said here is true. Thats how you can wear out a chick. Doing kegals helps if you don't want to physicaly press the "button".
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