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I found KTL because of Wu Tang.

Wu Tang- no exaggeration- changed my life. It put in me a thirst for learning at a young age. It kept me curious.

By the time I was 18 I had started reading books on Taoism, Buddhism, started looking into Islam. From there the last four years...I probably read more books than most people will read in there lives. And the saga into the bible, kabbalah, occultism, the egyptian book of the dead, metu neter. And when I hear a rhyme that shows that rapper has read the same books as me - books most people don't bother with - I feel a real kinship.

And coming on this forum where you can discuss knowledge with people who won't be totally clueless as to what you are talking about is unique for people like us, I feel.

I know that my discussions on the I Ching with LHX probably couldn't even come close to happenin with anyone else on this planet. And we both got sparked on that book by the same U God line "We sing the I Ching vintage."

I am still being refined and have miles to go. But if not for Wu by now I think I would have been a lost cause, for real.
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