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Adedwutang acepted my challange so he acepts his defeat,
I'll stomp on you walk all over your face like its a street,
Hang you around my neck like flava flav does his clocks,
Toy around with u like Micheal does with little boys cocks,
I run everything that go down in ur hood u can call me "El Jefe" the boss,
Call in a few favors have ur body cruciftied up on a cross,
Make u disappear like a payed magician's final trick,
Compare me to Ne-Yo's only hit record bitch i'm "so sick",
I spitfire like charizard be careful don't get burned,
How do u want ur death? rapid & painless or speedless & slow churned,
U decide either way u gon die choose a murder weapon saw or gulliotine,
Either tool ur head's gonna fly leave u like those skeletons from constantine,
Your crap lines can't fuck with my legendary rhymed state of the art spit,
Blast u with my words lefted u stunned now go ahead try to reply with ur shit.

Yes... I did fuck Your Mom
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