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this nigga sound like he took my last verse and recycled it/
same rhyme scheme, but no substance, u still bitin it/
ya pops said u never amount to anything, u still fitin it/
ya verses been known to disgrace and yet u still writin it/
this is all day every day with the pen to ya dome/
i hope u got the lyrics that i sent to ya home/
a pullover sweater is the only hood that u roam/
this nigga got 1 2 many feminine chromosomes/
infected with the "loan me a line" syndrome/
my lyrical catacombs leave ya face piece blown/
u the boss of the bitches, a deragatory thrown/
lines been known to stay wit u like wrinkles in ya face/
turn ya ass to a bitch like ray finkle in ace/
u can never embrace ma space, u wanted a battle/
so i gave u world war 2 in a case/
3 battles in 2 days, fuck it i kill u 6 different ways/
call me the sour patch kid cuz i give u a bad taste/
ur anniahlation invovles cheddar cheese and a maze/
nigga u was always wack, you aint goin thru a phase/
u thinkin u the last action hero like jack slater/
i brought u to the real world, now u a hater/
u want wat i have so u become the mediator/
defeat u like the candy, now and then later/ ( i kno its just now and later but)
yea i mite be a screw up, but ur a disaster/
ur careers slowin down wen it never went faster/
ur wifey is ma left overs after i passed her/
u thought u beat the kid but u lost to the master/

get at me-
"i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
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