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Default Re: Batman Begins...

Is batman begins going to be another separate series of batmans because this leads into tim burtons batman horribly...

First off the Joker is who killed his parents and in this one the guy who killed them gets shot in the courthouse! You guys dont remember the flashback in the original batman? "Lets go jack"!!! "See you around kid" Thats the whole dramtic thing about the first batman. Joker doesnt even become joker until he gets dropped by batman into the sewage and get his face all fucked up then painted. So how the fuck does he leave his calling card when gordons 40 years old? AND In the first one, commissioner gordon has no clue as to what or who batman is. Neither does gotham!

Dont get me wrong this was a good movie but if this is supposed to lead off tim burtons batman im extremely disappointed
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