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Default Re: The Offical Graphic request thread

I need a matching banner + avatar making with these requirements:

It needs to use this pic as like, the main pic:

It needs to have either ONE of these logos in the corner or at the side somewhere:


Either one of those, [above]. Obviously, you'll ahve to re-size them.

It also needs to have other larger text written somewhere, saying exactly this:

"I was fucking born dead..."

^^^with the quotation marks n shit and full stops... exactly like that.

Be creative with it tho, try and fuck around with it, banner can be whatever size is allowed, just the average banner size kna'mean, and avi no more than 60 X 60, cus thats the requirement here. Avi needs to match, like if u give the banner a border, make sure you give the avi the exact same border. Aight. Thaxn in advance whoever hooks me up. Make it good, do sum shit wiv it. ONE
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