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Raptica grasshopper

N/w=light bulb

Ima show you how tha killin goes, predefinely,
my game keeps on goin, relentless ya see.
A confused nigga, who don no wa to do,
offensivly, i tellin tha hard dam truth.
People keep tellin you to quit but u dont adhere,
Ill kill u wid a LIGHT BULB so you dont get any funny IDEAS,
Im a violent nigga, but i aint had to tell u that,
ya disses hit me on my face, like little girl slaps.
Im rated R and your just a PG,
ur obviously not ready so dont step up to me.

N/W= pin
As the world turns, I spread like germs
Bless the globe with the pestilence,
the hard-headed never learn.
It's my testament to those burned.

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