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ok i c....

my moms side of the family runs guess whaT? schitzophrinia....yeeeh thats right, and it runs also onmy dads side! YAY hahahahahahaha but no, im not crazy-ish, nah not really, im fine mentaly and physically, i have all this beef cause peeps are jealous of me....
but anyways.....your scared? i would be excisted IF i really was having a child, but im not, so i dunno what to tell you, all i know is that u have a mind, soul, and a person to take care of, just remember your child ALWAYS comes first if it would that decision would effect it in anyway, so if u have to die for your child my suggestion is to do'll feel REAL good about yourself, i know i would, but htings get different when u grow up, your mind and the pattern of your thoughts change...EVERYTHING changes or dissapears and u get new problems to say, cuase when your a kid, u have no problems, and when u get older about 18 or so, or if u have a kid b4 then...when involving money, people and work, everything goes downward depending on how YOU were brought up, i have the greatest parents alive cause they sit down and tlak with me, my parents didnt get that, so im lucky, just make sure u u give your child everything it wants, or at least try or say no to if u cant, cause its obv their just kids and they dont a lot of people on this board INSIST to start shit cause they dont know any better....litteraly, thier just proly tryin to advoid how fucked up their lives are and how depressed they are.....and all this other shit.....

but yo.....the last thing u want to be is scared

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