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Originally Posted by Sicka
yo legit, u know 19 thru age 23 or 24 is when your most likely gonna become a nutcase like the other fruits in your fam
nope its 15-21.....i still got a chance...but i doubt it....only way that can happen is that if i were too have some sort of head injury and become a amneisia person, cause i know im not crazy..and u cant make me htink other wise...ya yeh no one in my family are FRUITS......your the fruit if anything lol FRUIT....but anyways... yeh if i do becomes a schitzo, just hope i wouldnt be crazy enough to hunt everyone that beefed with me down...ya know....kill em..slaughter their familys and all that think im tlakin crazy now..hope i dont lose it....hhahaha jsut fuckin with yall.....i would never do such a thing....u all treat me so nice i dont have a excuse to do anything like

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