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liquid swords is the greatest album in history in my ears

u named alot of classic shit but 2001 as in dr.dre's chronic 2001 ? go clean ur ears bro , hi-tek & talib kweli's train of thought album is ill but it isn't even a classic to compare

plus u on nas dick big time "lost tapes" isn't even a album and has fillers , blueprint > stillmatic and liquid swords > blueprint

dark and hell is hot is dark and grimy as liquid swords but you can't compare a swizz beat or a dame grease beat with a rza joint and every wu member then spit on liquid swords are more lyrical then X

and i almost pissed myself when i read "the great adventures of slick rick" not that it's not good & I have the album just think it doesn't compare since I haven't played the album in years
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