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Fantastic Four part.2(DJ Clue:The Professional 2)

Back in the day we was slaves
whips and chains
its tradition
all i got whips and chains
All i did
flip some cane
now a nigga sick of the range
only a new six could fix the pain
Look at all these goose bumps round my wrist and veins
Milton Bradley wanna get my game
5-0 wanna frisk my frame
I dont deal wit cheap blow
when i shoot no block
sort of like a free throw
Cant miss
and one of you bitches burn me and i cant piss
got me itchin like its dandrif
you gone see the back of cam hand quick you dam bitch
im a stomp you stab you
look at you you dam bitch
Ya love I would dumb back out
everybody like "killa
when u come back out," Listen
I like rap
routine had to stop
met a new connect got it 18 a whop
Cops on payroll every block got blow
we fight every night
reunite then pop Mo
Thats how it is when you deal wit me
and I dont feel tv
only real tv
Real money real gats real cats real girls
MTV I'll show you the real world
Cats run up on you
splater your white eyes
thats only to make saturday night live
Lookin for a casket got the right size
wanna bake a cake i got the right pies
Crashed up the four
but now the right five
lookin for beef you found the right guys
Old folk say "cam stop ur route
why you gotta get the guns
just box it out"
Listen that there is trife
only fightin is the doctor
and thats for your life
As for your wife
took her out just to tour town
bench press for what
I lift four pounds
Tear up your car
all four doors down
cats wanna box
well heres four more rounds

He ain't spit like dat in a loooooooooooong time!
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