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I got one for ya'll

Shottas(Juelz Santana - What the Game's Been Missing!)

Cam's Verse

My shottas (BO!) they shottas (BO!)
Dreadlocks, Rastas, Rudeboys, pop the, imposter hang with the lobsters
Sings like then opera, bang with the mobsters
Don Gargon hard and love the drama
And tuck the lama, now suck your mama
Boom boom bang clack zoom zoom
Hum hum guys wise yes touch pum pum
I'm Gotti boy, with that shotty toy
Ladi dadi howdy mami I body a battyboy
I cannot flop, I, this is shotta
Twenty four seconds your inside a hot pot
It get deep daddy, out the piece caddy
He curry chicken, turn him a beef patty
Get the coco bread, I'm a loco head
With the 'fo 'fo oh, here we oh so dead
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