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Default Re: According To This Scripture, Who Is Jesus Father ?

Originally Posted by akira kurosawa
I called you an atheist because you told me you was by stating that I needed to know one self first. "One self" is the prime teaching of atheism; it's the emphasis of atheist theory. You really need think before calling someone stupid.

On a sidenote, according to your logic: How is it possible for me to go to hell and for God to "get me for this" when hell nor God exist?

Also: Can you point out exactly where I've stated indications to profanity?


is anyone else here reading this shit ?

you assumed that i was an atheist because i told you that you need to have knowledge of self ?

where did i ever tell you that there is no God or Hell ?

get help man - and quick - go meet brahma aka lil blue aka jesus at the counseling center - fast

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