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Default Re: 36 Chambers:Best Wu-Tang album, but in hip hop...?


Im not saying your "not" a fan...don't go and get your panties in a bunch son. All im saying is...that if you look at the whole 9 yards, its kind hard to say that there is a hip hop album out there that packs more punch than Forever. 36 is definately one of the greatest HH albums of all time, and 36 put them on the map, 36 also started the legend and the template for the clan for the remainder of their career, but...not until Forever did they really start spittin the fire and the knowledge and the mathematics. Forever is probebly the most thought provoking HH album of all time as well. To end my comment...36 rocked, but the wu camp had not ripend yet, you know what im saying.

"My occupation was to stop the innaguration of Satan" (Disc 2: Impossible)

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