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Originally Posted by Koolish
death is not feared at an old age sometimes, by then people have lived their life and can accept their end as they've lived a full life. i think what we fear is having death prematurely given to us because there is much we can still do on this earth (friends, family, hobbies/passions).

killing someone is forcing their life to unnaturally end, killing someone is pushing the physical limits of the body so far that life cannot continue, death at old age is much more simple and natural. death before old age usually goes along with pain and no human enjoys pain (unless you're some freaky attention desiring goth).
I am not so sure I agree with this.

Most old people I come across seem annoyed by the way life turned out to be, and are bitter toward younger people. It is as though their life experience did not turn out the way they were expecting it to. And as they are finally reaching an 'important' moment in their life, they find it frustrating that they are being forced to think about money and wills and bills.

Plus having to cope with a body that is consistently shutting down.

Old people experience many years of pain - and humiliation.

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