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Originally Posted by My First Timbs
i didnt read all posts but just had to comment

the fear of death is a dual faceted psychosis

it is comprised of two main emotional responses

1) an ingrained evolutionary adaptation to "want" and "try" and "feel" a need to try to stay alive as long as possible (ultimately this is the whole "reason" of life... to simply stay alive so that hopefully u can contribute someway to the next generation) this inate fear of death is merely a subconscious manifestation of this evolved cognition

2) the 2nd (and arguably more important/relevant) is purely emotional. Meaning that we as emotional sentient beings dont "truly" fear death, but rather what we fear is the "possiblility of somehow not being in existence anymore", and "the end of a life where as certain aspects would of went possibly unfulfilled" or "unsatisfied"............. what we fear is the notion that we can exist and have conceptual "goals" and that we could possibly "die" before being abvle to realize those "goals" and "objectives"..... this fear in and of itself does indeed have great evolutionary advantages, and thus persists to this day.... (the second we no longer have that "fear", its plausible that humanity's "fitness level" could decrease.)
i agree completely with you
peace, love, revolution.
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