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Default Re: 36 Chambers:Best Wu-Tang album, but in hip hop...?

Originally Posted by wadedigital36
wu-tang did a little bit but the balance of power didnt really start shifting until bad boy heated up.
RZA's production was something different at that time. G Funk was at its peak, and RZA came with the kung fu samples along with hungry mc's. Of course they did affect hip hop as a gendre. Every classic cd has something special. 36 Chambers paved the way for Only Built 4 Cuban linx, which influenced hip hop. What I mean by that is rappers started biting the flows, the intro's to the song...etc's. Without 36 Chambers there would be no OB4CL. I agree with you partially. 36 chambers at first affected the clan only, but after years it affected the gendre.
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