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Death of Spike Spiegel
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Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

dig ditches and plug bitches with bullets so gifted
stay strong with heavy arms and I blast and leave niggas demented
how can you step to a nigga with knowledge so real it's,
hard to describe whether i'm flesh or a spector, prick so listen
do this shit for comedy, not for you geek critics
remember the kid 16, sparkin niggas whenever, leavin many victims
so nice, so what's the price, kill niggas a puit em on chill, so fresh like liquid ice
it's liquid, it's ice, it's the forgotten sun spitttin lyrics ever so nice
when the heat surface i'm come through bustin, ya crew runnin like jerry rice
tryin to retire but you keep forgettin that you like the fight
didn't u used to be a warrior in the game, sold ya sould for fame?
now u wanna turn pop cause the ya home block forgot ya name?
stand on the stoop and be pissed while I fuck and dissmiss ya dame
the same game told is to be sold to whomever has a style so old
k16 is god with the mic, text and when he shit he still nice
the kid with endless banners and collabs is back to blaze this text bullshit
i treat it as exersize, so call me a geek for the way that i type with my figertips
get a life outside the I-net, let's see if you clowns can really rip hard shit
you not a vet, just quick to forget, style like mine is untouchable like Ghandi in his prime

what up corp

hope ya'll ain't forgot bout me

freestyle "text" shit is easy

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