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Default Re: new mobb deep album titled infamous big bang!

Originally Posted by jaywoods27
1. clean intro
2. mobb ties prod by havoc
3. down in queesbridge prod by alchemist
4. the strong survive ft 50 cent and tony yayoo big noyd prod dr dre
5. friendly fire skit
6. blow the doors off in the club ft 50 cent prod timberland
7. shorty set up part 1 prod havoc
8. raw style ft sean paul prod by alchemist
9. aftermath skit
10. the becoming prod by havoc
11. sneak attack and deliver prod havoc
12. days go by prod alchemist
13. one more time ft 50 cent eminem prod by eminem
14. Long day skit
15. lasers ft big noyd pro alchemist
16 bump that sh$# ft 50 cent Lloyde banks prod dr dre
17. queens nation ft nas big noyd cormega prod alchemist
18. born again prod havoc
19 .The day before ft raekwon ghostface big noyd nas prd Rza
20. outro

look good

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