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Everybody can be 5%. Well, not quite. Roughly every 20th of you.

Everybody can also be a Five Percenter. Black, white, brown, red and yellow; man, woman and child. It's Nation of Gods AND Earths. And since Clearence 13X there have been white people in there, e.g. Azrael, who is maybe the most famous of them.

It's NOT a religion, because members don't believe, but rather a science (knowledge is gained through looking, listening and observing).
Members are - as was said - not pro black or anti white, but rather pro righteousness and anti devilishment.

The Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet and 120 Lessons are of fundamental importance to the NGE. Five percenters bear witness to the black man being the Original man and equalling God (7), while the white man is grafted and therefore weak and wicked.

This is what I was repeatedly told by members of the NGE.
Think about it what you want.

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