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its seems like ya'll can never get it, and each year there are people who don't get it...*sigh* read what my fam subliminal said, & if all you're gonna do is be biased against something to begin with then why waste your time posting? (mano)

peace, (don't read, if you don't care or possess a.d.d.)

I'd strive to stick to the topic...the actual album itself. 2, for those thinking they will gain some type of comprehension about the Nation of Gods and Earths through any hiphop album, you're mistakened. If you want to obtain any type of knowledge that pertains to the Nation, there are better places to do so. This website itself does not provide any type of accurate insight as to the culture of the Nation of Gods and Earth; and in all reality...wu albums, this site (and even some of the people on it with all respect), and other related media are more mis-leading than anything. Though the Wu albums (most) are lyrically and conceptually phenomenal; and they drop a little bit of "coded" knowledge here and there..., they are not blueprints or the guides to the culture of the Nation of Gods and Earths. I respect the Wu as lyricists; think about what I'm stating right there. In other words, ask around...go elsewhere to find answers, and keep an open mind.

For all the 5% "haters," you're entitled to your opinions. And I have mine, alot of hatred is a usually a result of ignorance. People hate, degrade and demonize what they cannot comprehend...or what is foreign to their psychological realm of thinking. ie: how america continued and continues to verbally assault the revolutionary Che Guevara in their programs of education, media, etc. They have labeled him as a "bad guy" or a villain; which has in turn convinced the majority of the american population of sheep that he really is without even doing any type of research first or analytical thinking. When in all reality, depending whose side you're on.....Che was actually pretty ill- and we learn the dilemma he discussed in his speeches.....has actually intensified and grown at an exponential rate that is affecting the entire globe now. But, if the 5% haters have done their research and they still have all this be it. People are unique, and what works for one person may not work for the next, and vice versa.

For all the self proclaimed moslems, for the sake of intelligent dialogue, please keep in mind the 5 percenters are NOT moslems, just as moslems are not 5 percenters. So when you try to make these claims and hold a debate mentioning these "similarities" that you think exist, you are actually incorrect. An atheist is not a Christian, and vice versa. So when we discuss an atheist's beliefs or thoughts...we should try to reframe from placing him/her in this one sided christian rhetoric (you don't believe in Jesus, Moses, Joseph, ressurection, etc?)-and attempting to compare his/her way of life with a christian (you don't go to church, or worship the biblical entity known as God? Which testament do you live by?). It's simple, adjust your mindframe and examine him, HE DOES NOT LIVE BY YOUR BIBLE. So don't use the bible or any other related concepts in order to study or understand him. It will get you nowhere except here: non believers will burn in hell. I see alot of moslems always bashing the 5 percenters, who compare their islam with that of the 5%. Buddhists are not satanists, and satanists do not live within the laws of Yoruba.

Anyways, like I said before...some things work better for certain people. Ignorantly attacking those different from you based off the arrogant idea and 3rd grade nonsense that, "my religion is better than yours," is foolish and a waste of time. And it's kinda sad, because I know of plenty Christians...we live in a judeo christian society.., and I know of many moslems; and in my experience with the two (not saying it is the same for everyone, we all have different experiences)..I've had more respect for moslems (regardless of their denomination) than I have christians for certain reasons for a long time (and no, I'm not the type of cat to think all christians are a bunch of lost pagans). So, I'd hope to see the peaceful and open-minded aura/vibe continue on

i respect good moslems, christians, 5%ers, catholics (, jews, rastas..etc.., positive energy is universal in good people......



"Reciting a biblical verse before I make your melon burst like that nigga Jules from Pulp salvation is salivation, and diction crucifixion" - Ras Kass

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