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Sicka than the Bird Flu mixed wit H-I-V
I came to guillotine a nigga wit his mix cd
Count stacks like NASDAQ
deep like fat-man's ass-crack,
smash wit battle axe,
shit, i need to relax...
I came through with the rain and the wind
the evil Djinn slayin men,
He's back from hell again.
It's been a prophecy,
ever since the legends in the Odessy
ILLEST in all modesty,
Crack ya like dropped pottery.
Follow me! Snipe an MC who's Lemming-like,
Been rockin Mic's before ya monkey-ass could ride a bike
Lightning strikes twice, but only when Verse decides to write
my pen bleeds the paper like it was a knife fight
Demon knight takin flight on backs of black dragons
slashin masked fags and dumpin they body bags in
rivers my spine shivers when this beast smells blood
the earth quakes, mountains shake, disaster: Flash Flood

Random Lines:
Assasinations keep my mind pacin', raise the black nation
or be K.I.A., if not, then a permanent I.C.U. patient

I had to duel, so I let off like Yosimite Sam
I coulda escaped but was spotted on the video cam
the villain's not to be trusted, especially when he's dusted
I woulda brought my swords but both blades were rusted
I swear missa offica, I didn't know!
What you expect when the villain's in a Martial Arts show?
Fuck ya numchucks bitch! My trigga finger's swifter,
Blow em back to the past, ya face is off the family picture

aight. im startin to get my old styles back lol.
Villainous Verse
Teknik-36 (Tek-three-six) (new persona)

workin on the characters still, but i plan on doin a short series of shit featuring the above personalities. each got a different style n shit. word is bond.
"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." -Krishnamurti

Tha Live Wire Rhyme Recline Ya Minds Eye...
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