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Originally Posted by Eric Unseen
your understanding exist because of your own existence based upon this logic, which means everything you hold as truth is bullshit because everything you comprehend is done so with a humanoid concept.
although the post above was unecessarily brash and unecessarily insulting

unknowingly eric unseen has touched upon the crux of the issue and is actually correct in a sense!!

the human brain and mind is designed to look at the world we see, assign properties to phenomenon and recognize patterns and then form a conclusion based on this input!

thats all our brains do!

so in a sense, everything that man can conceive, conceptualize or assign properties to is fallible to an extent and is perception based for our own benefit of making sense of the world.

with our reason, certain things are found or thought to possess more of a "truth" value than others (based on testing and the natural uniformity of experience).

Understanding the fallibility of "raw human reasoning" is the very reason why it is extremely necessary to make all attempts possible to have thought processes and conclusions based on that which can be verifiable, reproducible and potentially falsifiable!

So atleast at the end of the day, whatever is thought, conceived and proposed has a great chance of being as close to objective reality as humanly possible.

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