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Originally Posted by ThaShaolinAssassin
you know i feel your pain right, i live in Lincoln Nebraska, the ONLY rappers i've ever seen live are Ghost and Snoop, other then that 50 cent, Ludacris, David Banner, and HeadBodyBangers are the only cats i can think of that've come here in the past 5 years, these other cats take shows for granted but once we get the chance we swallow that shit up
No doubt. And that's why I am considering taking a two hour drive to check out a rapper I don't know. LOL Man you should be happy you got to check out Ghost!! I did check out Snoop but the main reason I went was because Daz and Soopafly was supposed to open up for him. Sure enough they never showed up. Yeah, Regina Saskatchewan Canada is not the place to be if you are into hip hop. You guys heard of that place???? Didn't think so.
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