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Default Re: Favourite Boxers

Originally Posted by Princerai
aii, i think zab was on that card dat night 2

arent zab and floyd best of mates/???
Donno but I know Zab chills with Wu a lot. Mind when he went to get his licence back he was with the generals? That was class.

Nah Zabs last fight was back in may against that Rivera dude. He disposed of him in round 3 by TKO making the dude look like a mad chump. Dudes actually a well schooled boxer but again Zab was outta this world. I mind talking about it the day before the fight with Ronin actually.

I believe his next fight is against Shamba Mitchell in september. Cant wait. He a legend in my eyes already man. Ok he lost the 1st fight to spinks by decision but that was dodgy as fuck. Look how he came back at spinks though! The Tszyu fight was nuts. He was tryna get up too quick in panic to tell the ref he was ok, coz it was new shit to him n his instincts got the better of him, had he stayed down for an 8 I hink he woulda got back into that n won it defo.

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