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tha god concept
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your not sicker than aids you juss have the disease
how you call yerself a pimp??? you spend all day on ya knees
gobblin up seamen...... like jaws 3 aint hard B
takin out wanna be me mc's is a fuckin hobby
slippy you sloppy with no heart i saw the audtopsy
your the littlest bitch in ya fam like Rudy Cosby
rape ya mind so bad leave ya babbling like Ozzie
while you straddle ya posse and paddle a nazi
im playin scrabble with Potsy and mackin with Fonzie
no more happy days for slippy the pimp
beat him to an inch of death and leavem a gimp
now he got the same brain density of a straight up chimp
fuck a pimp lean this bastard can only limp like his dick
spittin weak raps to the God kid your a fuckin disgrace
i gotta press my boots on ya grill to pull this knife out ya face
fuck a gun this hitman carries a mic in his case
this cat juss got served with rice on a plate
slippys all talk and i got no time to hear his shit
my lines scare the first time he got his period
the blood im smearin it all over this fairy kid
pull the soul out his mouth.. molest then bury it
ya think ya slick Slip wit that amateur spit
ill pimp you out for free and fuck ya fam with my fist
elbow deep in you pussies with a tyranical diss
i juss shit on you so bad you mine as well drown in my piss
"When I die bury me with the LO on...
Official to the death for all eternity and so on"
Lo Down & Dirty
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