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Default Re: what's your criminal record

LOL yeah realy....That's al history now, that last shit I pulled with fight was like about 3 or 4 years ago, haven't done shit after that.That was it for me, stopped doin' mixes with alcohol and drugs cause I knew it'll end like that someday.

The cops beat the crap out of me and in court I couldn't do shit. i took photographs from my 2 bleeding ears, swollen cheeck, cuts in my neck and other scars on my face and some more bruises.

My cousin was my whitness but hey, you can't do shit against them nasty pigs.

It took a year before the trial actually hapened, i'd already spent 2 months in jail during that year and they wanted to give me another half year - a year.
But we got ourself a pretty good lawyer and I could show the judge and jury that I changed my life during that year, i was clean, went back to school and had a job. I had to pee in a cub 12 times a year during that period to prove i'm clean.

+ I showed up at the court, the 5 dudes from Holland didn't show up so that made a good ipression for me.

I also contacted one of the guys who was seriously injured. he lost nearly all of his teeth and a broken nose...I paid for his new teeth etc.....

Also the car we trashed, I paid for that aswell, the door was broken and the front window was completely trashed.

So, I managed to show that in court aswell and eventually they let me off with another fine of 500 . And that was that, now shit is all straightened up, living the good life now, ain't doin' shit anymore. Sy-ure I still drink alot...
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