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Default Re: new mobb deep album titled infamous big bang!

Originally Posted by anti-social
FAKER THAN UGLY PEOPLE SPEAKING OF SEXUAL EXPERIENCES. the nigga who started this thread is getting a real kick outta this. LOL

who is really checking for mobb deep anymore anyway? i got their last album, and frankly it was sad to hear. havoc just puts out these rinky-dink keyboard beats, and prodigy is like this connoisseur on 150 different ways to rhyme about nothing while making it sound bad and ruining your career simultaneously. true story. i used to love mobb deep, because they could really encapsulate the atmosphere and feeling of where they were coming, not only do they not do that, but they sound washed up and tired. what's more, its depressing that they had to employ the poster child for the Industry Era of hip hop just to resuscitate what used to be their respectable, admirable careers.
if they have any tracks with Nas, Cormega, or Wu, then i'll download it off of BearShare. besides that?
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