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Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

What these whack cats lookin' like messin' with X-T
So pussy there's a cervix where their tonsils should be
And the cherry's already been popped
I know these cats are gettin' fucked off the top
Grand design, couldn't redefine my lines with lyrical dictionaries
Xtadas the baddest, spherical visionary
Cuz I got 360-degree vision, set you up on any rhyme you spittin'
Hittin' with precision, yellin' for TUCO to GET 'EM!
Fuckers, I'm back, how you cowards want ya cap knocked back?
Ballhandling timetables, check how I maneuver the facts...

"Got heat for everybody/watch the microphone burn..."
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