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Originally Posted by makalani
I never said rakim had no flow, I'd just said it got repetitive on most songs he did. Hell yea for the time paid in full dropped his flow was incredible. you'd be a fool to say Nas didnt come in and expand on it.

Ive been listening to Nas since I was 8. I first heard Paid In full when I was probably 11. And what kinda dummy cant understand rap lyrics?? Dont get mad at me because you were an imbecile at the age of 16 and didnt understand rap lyrics until you were 28. How dare you insult my intelligence like that?

It takes about what? An hour at most to listen to a whole LP? Yeah Im 16, but its easier to catch up to music than you think. You can probably listen to 200+ albums a year. Plus hip hop is my life so Im always listening.

Rakim is in my top 2 behind Nas. It seems like Im going hard at him but thats what your supposed to do when your arguing for 1 side correct?

but i guess

we know the facts
but we have the opinions.

no man, you just don't get it. when you're 8 you don't have the understanding of the english language untill you're older, at 8 you don't know what a well written verse really is, you still bump it but you just aren't smart enough at the time. and a lot of refrences you might not understand just because of your young age, a lot of shit an 8 year old would have no clue....but it doesn't suprise me for someone so young to be so arrogant and opinionated

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