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Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

Snap skulls, snap brain stems, turn philosophers to rainmen
Damn shame, then, cuz can't nobody change them
Fuck a battle rap, it's war when I kick these flows
Appease you weak foes, how X leaves bones
In crucifix patterns, mad as a hatter jumpin' off Jacob's ladder
Wrath of a bastard genetically inclined to madness
Leave the most straightforward rappers spittin' backwards
Who wants to doubt that I'm the baddest? Colder than a frozen cadaver
Fuck being funny, I'm dramatic like Hamlet
Lock ya family in an Irish hamlet during potato famines
Call me a kike, get impaled with a spike
Leave you holier than Capone's brain at the end of his life
Despite what you been told, I decoded the Dead Sea Scrolls
Got more style than Slick Rick in the back of a Rolls
Holdin' you for eternity, gold tongue MC, spittin' riches
Till God strikes me dead in the middle of one of my sentences

Thank you, bitches.

"Got heat for everybody/watch the microphone burn..."
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