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Default Re: Hip Hop mp3's exchange thread

Originally Posted by Second Coming
I got a couple of new requests, does anybody got:

MF DOOM-My Favorite Ladies (from High Times THC album)

Black Moon-I Got Ya Open (Remix)

Also, there's this MOP song I'm not sure what it's called I think it's from the Firing Squad album and it's got this real dope-ass Premier beat with these fly piano samples in it. It might be the original version of Dowtown Swingas. Anywayz, if anyone knows what song I'm talking about and could post it up, it would be much appreciated.

Peace in advance.
alright i got you covered on some of this.. the DOom I put up is actually a remix but its fly anyway a KMD remix.. the Black Moon is easily the dopest flipping of the traditional Barry White sample.. and the MOP i put up may not be what your looking for (take into account Firing Squad had plentiful DOPE Premier pianos)

if you can think of a line or anythin or a guest verse lemme know ill up the MOP for you
MOP - World Famous
Black Moon
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