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Default Re: Is there an Ironman film in the works?

Originally Posted by Intellekt
jokes on you cause that would defeat the purpose of Ghostface Killahs aka IRONMAN....not War Machine...IRONMAN....lmao
actually jokes on you son, thats exactly what i meant, but fuck it, if you wanna get like that, wasnt Kingpin white ?? and who played him in DareDevil ?? not a white guy.. i thought it would be blatantly obvious that they wouldnt give ghost the lead fucking role, because to the general public...who is ghostface killa ?? so based on him, they wouldnt be able to sell the movie on the same level as say, spiderman or x-men, but throw him in with an important role to the story & essence of ironman, they might just grab some of that hardcore hip hop audience aswell.

thank you, goodnight.
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