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Default Re: Is Common's "BE" a classic by today's standards??

Come on, give it a couple of more years. how the fuck could you call it/or don't call it a classic after its been "officially" released for like a week or two?! Put the hate-o-rate and you bling bling collar down a listen to what the fuck the man is saying, instead of hating on it cause you don't like the sample, one beats or because he doesn't rap as shitty as you favorite emcee. FUCK THAT! You wouls think that wu fans would know better.

What's today standards?! He didn't sold a mill, he has beef with.., this or that produce this! I take a piss on today standards! By the way, you dirty kids, a classic is supposed to TIMELESS not bound to whatever standard you may tie'em up to.

See, am a HUGE fan of Common, so I will avoid saying that "BE = soon te be a ageless classic"

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