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they wouldn't let me in with my camera, so i had to run it back to the car (10 minutes jogging my ass off)...came back sweaty as a mutha fucka...also, they said i couldn't wear my hat, so i dropped it off at the car too, but when i got back, everybody and their moms was rockin' a hat...that kinda pissed me off, but whatever

i managed to get some cell phone pics of shite quality, but hey, i guess they're better than nothin'...i'll up 'em on here once i get em on my comp.

the show was dope as FUCK though, easily one of the best nights of my life (wish i woulda been waaaaay drunker though...had to drive there, so i killed 2 beers with the quickness in an alley underneath the train tracks, didn't really phaze me, 'specially with all that joggin')

i was right next to the people who caught rhymefest's second shoe
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